FM Consulting services offered by David Bannerman include project management, basic studio design and layout, broadcast equipment selection and integration, special Radio projects, Radio station content monitor analysis and CRTC License writing.

All services are remunerated on a p/hr basis and billed monthly. Phone calls are logged and included in the total hrs billed each month.

CRTC license writing** is priced as a ‘flat fee’ that is billed on a p/hr basis up until the date your license application is submitted at which point the remainder of 55% of the license writing fee is due. After submission to Ottawa, the remaining 45% of our license writing fee is only billed if your license application is approved. To date, all license applications written by MediaVoice have been CRTC approved.

Consulting service contracts may be ended by either party with 2 weeks notice. The first 1 hr discussion, phone call or meeting for any Mediavoice consultation is free, after which time a signed contract to continue the service is agreed upon by both parties.

**The approval rate since 2001 for CRTC license applications written and submitted by David Bannerman is 100%.

Our content analysis specialty is in 3 main areas:
1) Analyzing everything that emanates from your radio’s speaker, except music. Our Monitor Analysis Reports are detailed, often quite revealing and we cover everything except your playlist. That’s because music playlists have been analyzed to the point of exhaustion. Our On-Air ‘LOCAL’ content monitor analysis reports cover 1, 2, or 3 day cycles which include 2 random weekdays and a 3rd day on the weekend. We analyze 19 hour segments from 5AM-Midnight.

2) LOCAL market on-air content is our specialty. So you think you’re the local market leader? We’ll tell you honestly where you really stand.

3) Yes…we detailed Airchecks, especially important for upcoming or young on-air talent. With overnight graveyard shifts a thing of the past, the Radio industry has no farm system in 2023 to consistently advance and develop new talent. Constructive Airchecks are a necessity and provide a roadmap for new talent to follow. Contact David and let’s talk,

For any questions relating to MediaVoice fees or any inquiries, please contact David by email at