Are you interested in Voice-Acting? Have you ever participated in a drama or theatre production? Do you…or someone you know have a unique or skilled voice with the ability to ‘voice-act’ while interpreting various scripts? Voice-Over work is not only satisfying… we make it FUN. It also pays extremely well for those who are ‘committed, disciplined and focused’ to confidently audition for ongoing work in the Voice Over industry.

Posted Jan 12th/24    MediaVoice in Newport, West Hants has an immediate ‘New Voice’ opening for 2 Adult Males and 2 Adult Female Voice Narrators….preferably between the ages of 30 and 60. These positions are open to those who must be able to travel to our Newport studio for what could be monthly in-studio voice recordings. We’re looking for pleasant voices who are fluent readers. So that means… you love to read aloud and you tend to make few mistakes along the way. Don’t worry…we all makes mistakes reading, and we’ll help you keep them to a minimum. Sound fun so far? This call is for those who will be reading instructional and online course tutorials. Some might say.. we’re looking for the voice of a great teacher. No, you don’t have to be a teacher, but can you narrate like a great teacher? The pay rate is not bad either and typical long course scripts can pay between $300- $350 p/hour. We’re not looking for professional voices, far from it. This is a call for ‘new’ voices who have always thought, ‘gee, maybe I could do this’. A person taking instructional courses wants to listen to a pleasant natural voice who is confident reading an instructional course script. If you have some experience doing this, great…. but experience isn’t required. For new voices working from our studio, we provide the coaching and direction. And let’s be clear…you don’t pay us a penny, we pay you. Just bring your best voice and have some fun while you earn some decent cash along the way. If you know of someone who would be perfect for this opportunity, (gee.. maybe you) then contact MediaVoice by email to receive a short script that you can literally record on your own smartphone at home. No we don’t use smartphones for recording, but they’re fine for first time ‘voice call’ auditions. We just need to hear you read. If you’re selected, we’ll ask you to come to our studio within days for a short 10 minute audition reading one of our client’s course scripts. It’s actually fun! For information or any questions on this ‘Education-Instructional Voice call for ‘new’ voices, please email David Bannerman at  No phone calls for this please. And please note, due to time limitations, for those who submit first time recordings, only those selected to come for an in-studio audition will be contacted.  THIS new VOICE CALL is ‘OPEN’ until January 21st/24

Here below are some other on-going voice call openings as we look ahead to 2024.

  1. Female and Male (20-25)
  2. Mature Female – 70 to 80
  3. Mature Male – 70 to 80
  4. Female 18+ – British, Scottish or Irish Accent
  5. Male 18+ – British, Scottish or Irish Accent
  6. A Blue Collar Working Man… Mature Male 65+
  7. Young Female 7-14 years** ( Open ) 
  8. Young Male 7-14 years**  ( This position has been filled )
  9. Do you have a very unique natural voice? Lets hear it.

    **NOTE : All communication by phone or email for new voices under 18 years of age must be initiated by an adult parent or legal guardian. This applies also to studio recording sessions. All Voice Talent under the age of 18 must be accompanied to any recording session at our Newport studio by a parent or legal guardian.

Potential New Voice Talents can also request a demo script that we will send you that you can record into any microphone connected to your PC, Mac or even on your Smartphone from your home. Your microphone’s quality is probably not equal to our professional studio mics, but that’s ok. A ‘first-time’ voice sample from your home is simply used so we can hear you performing a script. If your audition shows promise and you are selected, we will then invite you to an in-studio recording audition session using a portion of one of our scripts. This would take place in our MediaVoice Studio which is located in West Hants. 

Keep checking back on this page for ongoing MediaVoice Voice Calls.