demo-lizLiz M

Liz joined MediaVoice back in the spring of 2012. Her narrations and reads are generally used on scripts requiring inflections with edge and street sass with varying levels of attitude. Trust us..she has lots of it and it cuts through clearly in her voice work….Bam !!






Anthony MAnthony M

Who thought one of Canada’s top Audio producers would open his mic and start talking. It happened and we’re proud to have Anthony’s voice on MediaVoice. One of our ‘Go to Voices’ since 2014 for online tutorials. ‘AntNee’ as he’s known has several unique reads in amazing contrast to his rugged Barry White ‘Man-ly Man’ persona.





Ashleigh SAshleigh

Ashleigh was one of the very first voices to join MediaVoice many years ago. Her specialty if you had to pick one would probably be ‘Upbeat Corporate’. You’ll know what we mean when you hear her. Ashleigh’s voice is always a favorite for web ads and generally once she voices your script, you will request her again and again as your signature voice. She is the quintessential PRO and when she’s not speaking into a mic..she is..of course..singing.






Danny MacDanny Mac

Aside from probably being Canada’s biggest fan of the Montreal Canadiens, Dan personifies our quest to always be looking out for new young talent. He’s versatile, edgy when he needs to be and also loves to voice scripts that are designed to specifically image innovative products and brands. He’s just getting started and is already on the move. We’re looking for big things from this new voice, who was also born and raised in Halifax.





DJ RueCorey LeRue

Starting in the business as a DJ, Corey is making a new mark for himself in both the Music & Audio production industry. LeRue is a diploma carrying Radio Producer and recently added Recording Engineering to his education credentials, not to mention his amazing talent in one of Nova Scotia hottest new bands ‘Neon Dreams’. Corey brings a natural street sound to his scripts. His voice is unique and we’re very fortunate to have his talent available for clients when the script calls for ‘anything but’ an announcer. When Corey is not behind the mic, he’s behind a large recording console or his Tech boxes on stage with Neon Dreams






Jayme BJayme B

Love Jayme’s Voice. Originally from the Middleton in the Annapolis Valley, Jayme cut her teeth years ago in Radio in the Miramichi region of New Brunswick, before returning to Halifax where she enjoyed several years directing creative promotions. She is now a successful Media Sales consultant and a new MOM. The one thing you’ll note about Jayme’s voice style is it’s inherent smile that’s just as evident if you’re lucky enough to meet her. From cool street imaging scripts to character roles..her voice is enthusiastic and prominent. Jayme continues to expand her vocal talent with MediaVoice and she is a joy to work with.






Karla JKarla J

KJ has been voicing with MediaVoice for years and her voice is versatile and her experience is both evident and solidly consistent. You may not recognize her but the next time you are in a Giant Tiger store.. you’ll hear her very familiar voice. From web videos and web ads to in-store marketing to narrations of every kind from corporate to commercial, Karla delivers a consistent solid level of confidence that only comes with years of experience.






Krista CKrista C

The great singer Mel Torme’ was referred to often as the ‘Velvet Fog’ and if you’ve never used or heard the word ‘velvet’ to describe a voice.. then you haven’t met Krista. I was told years ago before we ever met that Krista’s voice quality was as ‘smooth as velvet’. Listen for yourself and you’ll understand why Krista has great appeal to a very discriminating and growing mature demographic. She’s also the voice of government from time to time. If you say “I’ve heard that voice before” .. then yes you’re absolutely right.






Mel BMel B

Mel first came to our attention after she had completed her 3rd or 4th year as the ‘Voice’ of Kent Building Supplies across Atlantic Canada. With a very high WPM ( words per minute ) rate, she was a ‘go to’ voice for years in the southern New Brunswick market. In fact we played a pivotal role as a contract mediator of sorts when CHUM was trying to convince her to leave Saint John and move back to Halifax. She has a very natural street edge that cuts through easily from every kind of audio speaker. Her voice is fresh and it’s very clear. Oh and her Alma Mater.. Auburn Drive High School.





Neil SNeil S

Ironically, while Neil has been rockin’ since his high school days at Central Kings in Nova Scotia, his voice has consistently been called upon by clients looking for the quintessential country rock promotional narrations. Neil has voiced practically every major national Country Concert promo that we’ve been asked to supply for the past few years. He began his voice work years ago by recording every ‘imaging’ script he could get his hands on. There are big things ahead for this up and coming young Canadian voice talent who can be heard daily on the FM band in Halifax.






Ruby CRuby C

We know that Ruby is destined to be great. Her father is Bill Carr of Halifax, a multi-talented Canadian actor, comedian and motivational speaker. With a strong background in drama, Ruby adds pizazz and a unique timbre to all her narrations and voice work. Her VO of Preston Kanak’s short film ‘Projecting Reflections’  profiling the architecture of downtown Chicago is still years later nothing less than stellar. While she started her career in Halifax, this amazing NS talent was acquired and re-located to a small city you may have heard of on the west coast…yup…a little place called Vancouver.






Steve MDoc Stevens

I had the pleasure to work with Doc in the late 80’s when he ventured from Ontario to NS to hone his unique voice style. Aside from a selection of character voices too numerous to list, Doc or Steven (he answers to both) is another Media ‘Voice’ with a natural and comfortable tutorial read for the growing number of companies now demonstrating their products or teaching online. He’s one of a handful of voice artists I know that up and coming animators would love to have at their beckon call. Doc is also one of three Media-voices who represent Dexter Construction. A quintessential professional plus multiple character voices at a moments notice..on demand! Truly an under-rated Canadian talent and we are proud to have him.




Terry PTerry P

When Terry isn’t voicing, he’s working in front of a DAW. Easily one of Atlantic Canada’s most respected editors, like most ‘pro’-ducers, he opened up his own mic years ago and developed an incredible repertoire of characters and styles. When we had a client looking for a voice with a ‘Star Wars’ style, we found Terry and he’s been voicing with Mediavoice ever since. Recently, Terry became the lead voice for western Canada’s Yellow Pages service ‘Direct West’ as well as the audio signature for Saskatchewans recycling program..SARCAN. A solid professional for corporate and commercial scripts of every description. Well.. just listen.